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Copernicus Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, William Herschel, and Edwin Hubble where the four major contributors to the development of modern astronomy. Johannes Kepler is best known for his eponymous laws of planetary motion. He calculated various approximations of Mars orbit using an equant. Galileo Galilei created improvements to the telescope and also supported copernicanism. William Herschel is know for discovering the planet Uranus and the to major moons Titania and Oberon and also the discovery of moons on Saturn. Edwin Hubble is know for Hubble’s law and the discovery of other galaxies. He also arraigned the galaxies in what is known as the Hubble sequence. The reason it took long to have Copernicuz overthrown was due to lack of research and equipment. Most of the discoveries where done when there was a limited view of the universe but with time more scientist created better equipment to see further into space. Even now days we do not know everything because we can only go so far with what we have and the Universe is enormous it would take decades to explore. Relationship of geography The definition of geography to me is the study of the earth and its environmental changes. I think geography has a impact on most of the other scientific disciplines in many ways. Some of the major ones would be natural history, nutrition, agrobiology because they all are affected by the way the earth evolves and all the temperature and climate changes that happen in the world. I do not see anything wrong with the studies of geography. All of it helps to determine climate changes and global heat warming. At first it might have been a bit rocky since technology was not as advanced and it was the beginning of the study. Just like and thing that is new but improvements are always found to get more accurate results. Weather and climate Weather is the state of the

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