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“Climate change is a greater threat to humanity than terrorism, and no less urgent” Theme: Rapid industrialization, deforestation and environmental pollution created an undesirable effect of Global warming. This change has brought in many environmental problems like droughts, floods in lesser expected regions of the world. Mankind's relentless progress has produced two dichotomous effects. On the one hand industrialization and technology with increased mode of transportation have made existence comfortable and secure; on the other hand it has raised the specter of global environmental catastrophe. The developed world was quick to take cognizance of the situation and embanked on policies aimed at arresting the trend and rectifying the damage in the long term. It focused issue on almost all the world forums like APEC and UN General Assembly meetings. Pakistan though not significantly contributing directly to the problem is likely to face the multiple challenges. This would not only have detrimental effects on our ecological balance but more importantly can pose a grave threat to national security and economic development by adversely affecting all elements of national power. Thesis statement: Warming of the earth is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures. The average temperature of the earth has risen by about 0.74 C over the last century largely due to the human causes. While that may seem like a small increase, it has had profound effects on the planets physical and biological systems, which, in turn have impacted society. Un controlled increase in Greenhouse gases emission, causing Global warming have lead to catastrophic consequences including famine, floods, wildfires, and spread of diseases. The changes are resulting in sea level rise, increased pest out breaks, decline in food production,

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