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Logan Mispagel Prof. Bierly 10/19/11 Assignment #2 All human societies in the past and present have had to deal with climate change. Ancient societies had to experience it the hard way because of their vulnerability and lack in understanding climate. Unlike society today, the Mayans had not studied climate from a scientific stand point. They replaced climatic phenomenon with spiritual deities. Their solution for climate change was sacrificing people to the Gods. Because they had no real idea on how to adapt to climate they ultimately collapsed. Even though the Mayans were way ahead of their time they lacked a clear understanding on proper ways to adapt to the climate. Climate is one of those things that in certain circumstances it is almost impossible to avoid. The Mayans experienced drought during a crucial part of the society. During drastic population growth the crops which they relied on were dying. Without food they did not have enough to support the population. If this event occurred at the lowest population they could have survived. Today’s society is similar to the Mayans, but because of technology and scientific knowledge, we are less vulnerable. We understand climate change more, but we cannot predict what climate will do and when. We have a general idea, but it is not one hundred percent known. This is where our vulnerability is. We can prepare as much as we want, but until something catastrophic happens we won’t know. Like the Mayans, we could experience several different factors that we are not prepared for. Climate is a broad category in which many factors play into. When one factor is changed the whole system could change. The Earth is currently going through a warming phase which could or could not be catastrophic to society. It is hard to predict the severity of the current climate change because so many factors play a role. Without

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