Client Services Essay

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Abstract The field of Human Services plays a critical role in today’s society that is riddled with problems. The role of human services workers has evolved over the years to assist people of all ages, gender, and race that are unable to live a sustainable life because they cannot attain what is necessary to support themselves or a family. Human services began to professionally develop within the past century (Woodside, 2011). In the world of human services there are different issues that human service clients face. It can start with the smallest issue that could escalate to a much bigger issue. The world can be a hard place to survive and provide for a family but with the help of a human service worker anyone can begin to overcome their problems. Problems A Human Service Client Face A client’s problem can be situational, developmental, hierarchical needs, needs created by societal change, and environmental influences. The human service worker must use a variety of tools and strategy to identify the problems the client is experiencing, create a plan to assist the client in overcoming their problems. A person will seek aid from the government because they lack the resource or skills. Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson major contribution to human development was the eight stages of human development (Woodside, 2011). The eight stages describe how mankind evolves from start to finish. Erikson’s stages describe how infants learn to trust based on the type of care they receive from their parents (Woodside, 2011). When there is a lack of care in this stage trust issues can arise. Erikson’s stages on human development catapulted many other theories from other psychoanalyst. Not everyone will experience the same development; an individual development can be affected by their environment such as home, their community, culture, and child experiences. Erikson’s model can be
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