Client Server Ii Essay

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Windows server comes with some tools to help you along. I use for monitoring Windows Resource Monitor. This tool will help you track resources utilization including processor, memory, and disk utilization, monitoring resources in real time usage you can also analyze unresponsive processes and identify witch applications are using files and control processes and services. Then I would use event viewer. For the simple fact that reading log files can become very overwhelming very fast I would set up a few event triggers. For instance browse through the log until you find an event you would like to track right click it the click on attach task to this event. Of course a friendly windows wizard will pop up and will guide you through the setup to configuring an alert for that event. Then I would customize the event viewer to your needs for changing to the windows to show specific event ids, task categories, processes, and so on. One thing that might help out and save your back-up guy some time is enabling the active directory recycling bin. Unfortunately it is disabled by default to enable it you will have to raise the function level of AD LDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services) that in itself is a guide but it’s something to look into. Those are some of the tools built right in to windows server. There are others out there that can do more but you will have to pay for them. One of them I would look up is System Center Essentials (SCE) this program alone can handle up to 50 windows servers. If your company is lager then that I might suggest using System Center Operations Manager is one of the most powerful platforms for collecting infrastructure state, health, and performance data it also has tools for proactive maintenance and trouble shooting. Hope this info helps and good luck let me know if you need any more help. IT. To whom it may

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