Client Server 1 Nt1230 Chapter 9

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1: What is the term used to describe a read-only copy of a user profile stored on a network share? A) Mandatory profile 2: When you create a new user account with the User Accounts control panel, you can only add it to which of the following groups? (Choose all that apply.) A) Administrators B) Users 3: When you log on to a newly installed Windows 7 computer for the first time, why can you not use the Administrator account? D) The Administrator account is disabled 4: Which of the following statements is true? C) The User Accounts control panel can create local users only 5: Which of the following actions can you NOT perform from the Control Panel?  c. Disable elevation prompts for operating system tasks only 6: Which of the following can be members of local groups? (Choose all that apply.)  a. Local users  b. Domain users 7: Which of the following built-in Windows 7 accounts are special identities? (Choose all that apply.)  b. Everyone  c. Authenticated User 8: Under which of the following conditions are Windows 7 local user accounts required to use complex passwords?  a. When the computer is joined to a domain 9: Which of the following Windows 7 built-in local groups does not provide members with any additional privileges?  a. Backup Operators 10: Which of the following is the default UAC setting for a computer that is not joined to an AD DS domain?  b. Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer

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