Client Reuirements Essay

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Client Requirements |General: | |Site Name |Paws ‘n’ Claws | |Site URL | | |Purpose of Website? |To inform the existing and potential clients about the products stocked and | | |they types of animals they sell including how to look after the animals. | |House Style: | |Is there a logo to be included? If not what do you |Yes there is a logo to be included. The client requires a paw print to be their| |expect from the design? |logo which is currently featured in their existing logo because | | |It is a pet website. | |What colours are included/would you like to be |The client would like a logo with a paw print. | |included in the logo? |The colour scheme must obviously be suited to the theme of animals. | |What colours should be used on the site? (Think about|The colours included on the website must be child friendly and be pet or animal| |background colour, headings, body text, buttons etc.)|related. For example bright colours such as green as it cooperates with some | | |habitats of certain animals.

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