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Human services can be very beneficial to both the professional and the client because they are given the opportunity to help provide for those in need. Every person is different and no one is exempt from problems. The problem each person has handles them differently. Within the human service field there are different skills that can be used while working with clients to help them effectively. Problems usually indicate something exists that is causing the client to experience trouble or discomfort (Woodside, 2011). Human service professionals must identify these problems that can range from inadequate housing, unemployment, to mental illnesses. Once they identify the problem, they find a solution to the problems so that clients are able to take care of themselves. We all define the concept of a “problem” in our own way. Some believe it is something that exists creating a person to have an experience that is troublesome or has discomfort. Human service professionals can use different models to provide framework for identifying problems that are not considered normal. Developmental model can be used to understand of processes basic understanding of the process of growth and change that individuals normally experience. Helpers can use Erikson’s stages to help describe problems in terms of current tasks that require the client’s focus, as well as to determine whether the previous developmental tasks have been adequately completed.(Woodside, McClam, 2012). During a life span developmental problems that clients have come from different situations in the home, family, community, culture, country, and sociopolitical climate. Clients experience each stage differently in their life and it could have a trickle down affect when it comes to dealing with problems in their life. The developmental

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