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Clever Chicks Good Morning; welcome to Clever Chicks Consulting. Clever Chicks is a community of financial analysts who teach individuals the ins and outs of personal finance and investing in a considerate and collaborative environment. We candidly, truthfully, and openly approach the taboo subject “money”; discussing it without fear. We go the extra mile to ensure you learn how to be smart with your money and investments. Discovering techniques like having adequate cash reserves to take advantage of buying, selling and reinvesting opportunities for your investment portfolio. Also, you will develop an investment thesis. Investment Thesis is used to determine what investments to purchase, sell or other actions to communicate. It helps…show more content…
Merchandise has traveled from manufacturers to store who attempt to sell the items to customers (, n.d.) Retailers are woven into the fabric of nations’ economy. They include department (Sears), discount (Walmart), specialty (GAP), and big box stores (Best Buy). The industry was the second largest employer in 2010 accounting for 12.1 % of all private sector jobs. There economic contribution including direct, indirect, and induced totaled 28.6 million jobs and $1.9 trillion of the gross domestic product (GDP) (,…show more content…
A decrease in personal income creates a slump in consumer splurges, spending that drives two-thirds of the economy (, 2009). The longer a recession lingers the more impact it has on companies. Retailers had been hit hard and several well known brands have gone out of business or downsizing. Retail Traffic an industry publication, reported 3,000 stores closing in 2011 was down from 5,000 closed in 2010. However, the battle is not over. Big department stores are struggling Sears, JCPenny, and Macy are walking a tight rope. Gap and Talbot have lost market shares while Sharper Image, Lillian Vernon Crop and Bombay have entered bankruptcy (,

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