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Cleopatra VII was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. Her father was Egypt’s pharaoh, Ptolemy XII. Who Cleopatra’s mother is not known for certain but it is thought to be Ptolemy’s sister, Cleopatra V Tryphanea, as it was very common for members of the Ptolemaic dynasty to marry their siblings. After her eldest sister’s and father’s death, Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII inherited the throne. At the age of about 17, Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt. Cleopatra had to overcome her sister Arslinoe’s and her brother Ptolemy’s conspiracy to exile and rid her of the throne, but she ultimately reigned over Egypt until her death at 39 years of age. Hollywood is famous for recreating such dramatic historic events on film and in 1999 the movie…show more content…
In the movie, Cleopatra is called Caesar to visit him in Rome where he will have a celebration for his triumphs in war by parading through the streets of Rome. During the parade, Caesar is presented slaves as a gift from Cleopatra. After having to face a crowd of thousands calling her “Caesar’s whore” during the celebration, Cleopatra presents a surprised Caesar and all of Rome with his infant son. Everyone is mortified and Caesar’s Roman wife cries and eventually passes out. While Caesar did call for Cleopatra to visit him in Rome, a few deals and the actual sequence of events after this is were quite different. During the actual parade in Rome one of the slaves Cleopatra presents Caesar with is her own sister, Arslinoe, but in the movie Cleopatra has Arslinoe killed way before the parade while being held captive back in Egypt. Also, in real life, Caesar was well aware he had a son and openly accepted him as his own prior to the parade. Cleopatra didn’t actually surprise introduce him in front of all of Rome. Finally in the movie, Cleopatra’s stay in Rome was very short and no more than a week. She was eager to get back to ruling Egypt. The real Cleopatra’s stay was a lot longer. She lived in Caesar’s villa just outside of Rome for two years, where she was constantly showered with gifts and titles. Caesar even had a statue of her built in one of

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