Cleopatra Biography Essay

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Cleopatra gained most of her glory for almost nothing other than her beauty. Her name was often associated with elegance and comeliness. In Western culture, Cleopatra gained fame because of her affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Being the last pharaoh of Egypt of the Ptolemy dynasty, she failed to keep her land free from Romans subjugation. Even though Cleopatras name spread throughout the world as an icon of beauty, that may be questionable given how her face is portrayed on ancient coins and sculptures. The throne was given to Cleopatra at the age of 17 when her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes, died in 51 BC. Her mother was believed to be Cleopatra V, who died when Cleopatra was young. She had 2 older sisters and a younger sister, Cleopatra VI, Berenice IV and Arsinoe IV. There were two brothers as well, Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, both younger. Auletes left the throne to Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII, the eldest son. Being a female ruler, Cleopatra was legally obligated to marry her brother, so she did when he was 12. Although her ancestry was Macedonian Greek, Cleopatra was still an Egyptian Pharaoh and worshipped as a god. Born into a lucky family of royalty, Cleopatra was well educated and knew many languages some including Greek, Roman, and Hebrew. When Cleopatra was throned, Egypt was going through a tough famine due to the Nile river not flooding. There was a shortage of crops and harvest, and her brother Ptolemy XIII signed a decree that banned any shipment of grain anywhere else other than Alexandria. It’s believed that he did this so Cleopatra would lose supporters who lived outside of Alexandria. Unfortunately, it happened to be the first two years of her ruling which brought her people to think of her as bad luck. Cleopatra was exiled from Egypt by her brother because he wanted to rule alone, and she rushed to safety in Syria. With her

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