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Cleopatra and her romance Cleopatra VII, who born in 69 BC, was the last Ptolemaic queen of Egypt. Her outstanding beauty, talent, sociability, and dramatic made her had a meaningful life. All kinds of rumors anecdotes, especially the close relationship with Caesar and Anthony making her became the famous people of literary and artistic works. Cleopatra's father Ptolemy XII Aolai Te, named his eldest son, Ptolemy XIII and her rule Egypt together. But both of them lost harmony because of factions and disharmony. Ptolemy XIII, after being expelled from Alexandria, gathered troops along the border of Egypt and Syria in 48 BC. He was ready to invade Egypt. At this time, Aesar pursued Pompey to Egypt, and tried to mediate the throne dispute of Egypt. When Cleopatra VII get the message, she boated to Alexandria at night and wrapped in blankets. She was carried into Caesar's house. Her courage and beauty impressed Caesar, and she soon became his mistress. Ptolemy XIII, however, was defeated by Caesar in the war of Alexandria, and drowned in the Nile. Cleopatra VII consolidated her position because of Caesar, and she became the actual ruler of Egypt. Because of tradition, she married with another half-brother Ptolemy XIV married, co-ruled Egypt. Soon, because of the war, Caesar went to Asia Minor, and then returned to Rome. During this time, Cleopatra VII of Caesar birth to son, named Ptolemy Caesar. 45 years BC, Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIV, was invited to Rome. Seeing that she would become the First Lady of the Roman world, Caesar stabbed to death in 44 BC March 15. Cleopatra VII's dream instantly evaporated, and had to leave Rome. Cleopatra VII returned to Egypt, poisoned Ptolemy XIV, stood her son Ptolemy XV, and co-ruled Egypt. After Caesar's death, Anthony ruled the roost in Rome. He beat the leaders of Brutus and Kaxi republican in Philip, and signed the agreement

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