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# 1 Question Which of the following ships is part of the Celebrity Solstice Class? Celebrity Reflection Celebrity Xpedition Celebrity Century Celebrity Summit Status Correct Explanation: The Celebrity Reflection is one newest vessel in our Celebrity's Solstice class fleet. 2 True or False: The Alcoves on the Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette are free of charge. True False Correct Explanation: False. The Alcoves on the Lawn are NOT free of charge. There is a charge dependent upon whether it is a sea or port day. 3 The Celebrity ship serving our South America 2015 sailings is ______? Celebrity Equinox Celebrity Millennium Celebrity Infinity Correct Explanation: Celebrity Infinity sails South America itineraries. 4 Which Celebrity ship class has a Lawn Club? Correct # Question Millennium Class Xpedition Class Solstice Class Century Class Status Explanation: The Celebrity Solstice Class ships have a Lawn Club. 5 Celebrity will have how many ships in Europe in 2015 & 2016? 4 5 6 Incorrect Explanation: Celebrity will have 5 ships in Europe 2015/16 - Constellation, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette & Reflection 6 The Millennium Class ships have all been "Solsticized" except: Celebrity Millennium Celebrity Infinity Celebrity Summit All Millennium class ships (Millennium, Infinity, Summit, Constellation) have been Solsticized. Correct Explanation: ALL Millennium class ships have been "Solsticized." 7 Which answer best describes options offered on Solstice class vessels? Correct # Question The Lawn Club Wine Tower Aerial productions All of these are offered on Solstice Class vessels - The Lawn Club, Wine Tower & Aerial Productions Status Explanation: The Lawn Club, Wine Tower, and Aerial productions are offered on Solstice class vessels. 8

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