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1. Implementation is the final step when trying to make a change. It is also probably one of the hardest. You can have a great plan that you are almost positive is going to improve the company, but if the bosses up top don’t think it is necessary all your work with be thrown out just like that. I think one of the main reasons that people are resisting the MRP implementation, is that they don’t see anything wrong with their current way of doing things. A lot of people have a problem fixing something that they don’t feel is broke, even if it has the chance to be better than what you currently have. Elam said that this implementation would require a large amount of managers to change the way they do their jobs, and even if it may be a change for the better, people don’t want to take the risk. 2. I feel there is resistance to implementing this plan because Elam didn’t involve anyone else on the project. People that are not involved in innovation seem to prefer the status quo instead of trying something new. Elam needed to get others involved in this process and get people exciting about what the new MRP implementation could bring to the company. Uncertainty is a huge problem that employees have with change. The employees are unsure of how it will affect them therefore they may not support it. It is very similar to when I said people don’t want change if they feel it isn’t broken. The employees and managers are currently comfortable with the way they do things which makes them resistant to change. If she were to have gotten a task force together and got the word out about how this implementation will affect everyone throughout the company, there would have been more support towards the plan and it would have had a higher likelihood to succeed. 3. There are many good tactics that I feel she could use to get this implemented. Elam doesn’t have top management support, and

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