Cleanthes's Argument of God Essay

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In this paper I will examine and evaluate Cleanthes’s argument from design to the existence of God. I argue that although I begin by examine Cleathes’s argument from design to the existence of God. Cleanthes, a character introduced by David Hume in his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, tries to argue that the Universe was created by a designer, presumably God. According to Dan’s analysis at discussion, Cleanthes’s argument takes the following form: “ Premise 1 – The Universe resembles an artifact because: i) It shows a high level of complexity and ii) It has degree of apparently purposive organization Premise 2 – Artifacts are created by designers. Therefore, the Universe was created by a designer. Basically, Cleanthes’s tries to argue that because the Universe possess two qualities that resembles an artifact, and since all artifacts have designers, the Universe probably also have its designer. It should be noted that Cleanthes only argues for the possible existence of such a designer given premises one and two. Also Cleanthes’s argument is not said to be “deductively valid” (Holden, Hume on the argument from design, p-4) since given both premises to be true do not guarantee the validity of the conclusion that Universe was created by a designer. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is only to evaluate with debate between Cleanthes and his opponent, instead of trying to prove the validity of the argument from design. After examing Cleanthes’s argument from design, I can now offer some objections to his argument. Another character in the Dialogue,Philo, introduces a total of six objections, and I will now give a detailed explanation about two of which I think are most
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