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CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE Cleanliness and hygiene are a big part of a nursing assistant’s role in a health care facility. Personal cleanliness helps to further the growth of both physical and emotional well being. Skin care includes bathing and moisturizing and oral care includes brushing of teeth and flossing, these things help keep the body clean and healthy. Taking care of the skin can help keep the body from getting conditions such as rashes, dry skin, and cracked lips; which can lead to infections and diseases. Being clean not only keeps the body healthy, it also helps the mind as well. When clean, a person feels relaxed and comfortable which helps for better rest. Self-esteem also thrives when a person feels clean and refreshed, making the person feel attractive to others. Keeping the mouth clean and healthy is an important part of personal hygiene. If the mouth is clean and healthy, it feels good, which in turn makes food taste better too. Poor oral care can cause bad breath , loss of teeth and health problems to the body. Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is caused by poor oral hygiene, which can then lead to gum disease (pyorrhea). People who are unable or not allowed food or fluids by mouth need oral care as often as every one or two hours to keep their mouth fresh and moist. In many but not all health care facilities, have a set schedule to follow for daily living activities through out the day. There are four sets of time frames for the adl’s. There is early morning care, morning (am) care, afternoon care and evening care. Early morning care is done after a resident wakes up to prepare for either breakfast or early diagnosis testing or treatment. This includes toileting, brushing of the teeth, washing the face and hands. Sometimes a bath or shower can be requested. The morning (am) care is for preparing the residents for
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