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Tell us about yourself. I am a military veteran retired from the Army with over 23 years experience Finance, Resource Management and Human Resources. I hold a Masters degree in Human Relations. I have excellent customer service skills. I have great people skills, I know how to communicate both written and orally. I study hard. I work hard and I am smart thinker, I can work well with others. 1. Describe a typical workday in your previous position. Currently I work in the Army General Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1; I am personally responsible for packages referred to as MDEPS. I ensure proper requirement for funding Army Civilian and Military Education 2. What are your current duties? 3. Monitor MDEPS 4. You've been asked to set up and coordinate a meeting. What actions will you take? Conference Room or Office, Personnel, Contact numbers 5. What are your computer skills? Microsoft’s Internet 6. How strong are your communication skills? Excellent 7. 8. Describe yourself in three words. Integrity, Leadership, Smart 9. 10. Why do you want to leave your current position? my desire is to continue working for the Department of Defense , providing support to our great nation by means of assisting and advising on matters pertaining to the military. 11. 12. What are your plans for future? Remain in the Federal Government system until retirement, because I like it. 13. Tell me about a project that you have completed in your current job. Defense Travel System, Ceremonies coordinator, congressional actions POM 14. What salary are you looking for? Concerned about job satisfaction oppose to salary. However I would like to excel and be comfortable and content work environment 15. Tell me about your experience in preparing presentations with PowerPoint. Numerous 16. Tell me about your ability to communicate with different people and departments?

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