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Clean Your House, Love Your Home In the article” Cleaning Up the House” (by Daniel Stone in NEWSWEEK on Aug 2, 2008), the author says that our houses need cleaning now. As people concern more about outdoors environment, sometimes they ignore the indoors environment which seems to be more relevant to them. Since industry is developing at a high speed, the pollutant is damaging people’s health more directly especially through the air. The asbestos, which used to be the most dangerous material against people’s health, is now taken place of by mold, which may cause bigger problems such as allergy-like symptoms. Mold is more easily to be inhaled into people’s body, more difficult to be found in the house and existing in a big amount. To fix the problem, there exist many companies which help people to solve the indoors trouble but it costs a lot at one time. Luckily, with the help of insurance agent, people’s pressure is reduced. However, the best way to make the living environment better is to keep the consciousness of cleaning up the house frequently. Do open the windows, be aware of a leaky pipe or poor ventilation, and pay attention to the corner of the carpet. I agree with the author’s opinion very much. As I see, people can get a lot of benefit from cleaning up the house. Firstly, people can live in a better environment both physically and mentally after cleaning the house. Secondly, in such a busy life, people can relax and get a clearer understanding of “home” from cleaning their own houses. Most people would prefer a house with bright windows and tidy walls, with fresh air filled in the room all the time. How to achieve this? Without cleaning, no matter how exquisite the furniture is, the moldy air can only make people feel sick. What’s more, living in a healthy house makes people feel delighted. The home is the best place where people can release all the

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