Clean Water and Healthcare Essay

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Jeffin Joseph English 1001 Lownik October 5, 2012 Global Healthcare Paper With today's fast paced society, people often forget to count their blessings. If you tell someone to be thankful for their blessings, they will often argue that they worked hard and deserve every bit of it. When most people think of the word "blessings" they will envision their family, well paying job, or the fancy car they drive. However, these are not the blessings that you should be grateful for. Those in fact are the rewards to your hard work. However, the basic aspects of life that helped you achieve that lifestyle is what you should be thankful for. These include electricity, shelter, food, education, clean water, etc. These are the blessings that are often overlooked. Americans take these for granted because they grew accustomed to it. They have not lived without these assets. Therefore they do not know the hardships that someone in a developing country goes through in order to get half of the blessings we take for granted. Americans often think that everyone has access to clean water, however this is not true. Clean drinking water is one of the most undervalued gifts we are blessed with. People often forget how lucky they are to have access to drinking water in their own homes. In certain areas of Africa, natives walk hours just to bring water back for their families. The water often weighs close to 40 pounds and may not even be clean. Often women and children walk miles through swamps and unpaved roads to reach the nearest water source. The responsibility of providing clean water for their families takes away from other essential responsibilities in their lives. According to Bruce Finley, "Today girls skip school to join the stoic parade of women hauling water. And mothers are resigned that contaminated water will kill kids"(Finley). Girls are forced to
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