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Having a clean car somes down to way more than a preference and general tidiness. You might think that a trip down to the local car wash is just a way to look cool on the road. In fact, cleaning your vehicle regularly is more than just a treat for your beloved car or truck. The extra effort towards cleanliness has a huge impact on vehicle values. First of all, keeping a car clean maintains its value. While the mechanical aspects of a vehicle are important to worth, the appeal of your car comes from looks. Having grimy build up and rust on a car will severly limit resale values. It's very difficult to find someone to buy an unappealing car. When its time to part ways with your ride, be smart about the worth of your car. Cleaning the bugsfrom your car will keep acidic guts from ruining the paint job. Rust also becomes worse with time. To help with these conditions a easy $10 car wash will ensure the appeal life of you car. There are more reasons mechanical wise to keep a car clean, Road grimes, brake dust and even salt leads to exxcesive corrosion of your wheels. Over time replacing corroded parts is neccessary due to safety reasons. Finally you must keep the inside of your vehicle clean. Messy interior can cause distractions and in some cases can cause an accident. Absolutely nothing decreases value faster than collision. Always take your car for a wash and even detailing. The pay and time will pay off in the long run. Who doesn't want to drive a nice clean car

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