Claudius and His True Intentions

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|Claudius and his True Intentions | | | |A brief essay on the motifs of Claudius from Hamlet | | | |3/2/2013 | | | |RamonJoseph Alaysa | Ramon Alaysa English 4AP Mrs. Quassy 3/2/13 Claudius and his True Intentions In the infamous play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Claudius, the manipulative and conniving new king, rises and falls due to his one fatal flaw, his thirst for power. In order to obtain this power he murdered his own brother the former ruler of Denmark, stepped onto the throne, and married his brother’s wife Gertrude. Although his goal has been achieved, his anxiety, the form of fear in losing his power, and his multiple dominating effects on characters of the play has led to his plot in killing Hamlet resulting with Claudius lying on his own death bed. Nevertheless, Claudius’ intentions were not of good will but of evil and in the end costs him is own life. Claudius's chief interest is in achieving and retaining power as the king of Denmark. His only affects are anxiety and rage. He uses language to elicit support for his position publicly by referring to the divine right of kings to rule their subjects, to Gertrude as “my queen” and to Hamlet as “my son” and “heir”. Although he might privately admit to his ambition, he cloaks it publicly in

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