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III scene 5 Stage Directions | The script | Juliet 1) * Spoon with Ella * Sit up * Be pushed back down Romeo 1) * Look away form Juliet * Look back with sorrow full eyes * Hand up talking about candlesJuliet 2) * Look longingly at Juliet * Caress her face with my handRomeo 2) * Neel on the bed and the * Gesture to the “window” * Then hand acrros fordeadJuliet 3) * Look at Juliet * Still kneeling facing Juliet Romeo 4) * Dramatically look at Juliet * Gesture towards the “window”Romeo 4) * Lean in and kiss Ella * Leave get off the bedJuliet * Look longingly at Ella Romeo5) * Hold hand to heartJuliet * Gesture towards Ella * Look at her arms extended Romeo 6) * Look down at my feet * Say last 2 words then look away left hand out extended | JulietWilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day.It was the nightingale, and not the lark,That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear.Nightly she sings on yond pomegranate tree.Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.Romeo (1)It was the lark, the herald of the morn;No nightingale. Look love, what envious streaks Do lace the serving clouds in yonder East.Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund dayStands tiptoe on the mitsy mountain tops. I must be gone and live, or stay and die.JulietYound light is not daylight; I know it, I,It is some meteor that the sun exhales To be to thee on thy way to Mantua.Therefore stay yet. Thou needest not to be gone.Romeo (2)Let me be ta’en, let me be put to death.I am content, so thou wilt have it so. I’ll say yon grey is not the morning’s eye,‘Tis but the pale reflex of Cynthia’s brow.Nor that is not the lark whose notes do beat The vaulty heaven so high above our heads. I have more care to stay than will to go.Come death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so. How is’t, my soul? Let’s talk. It is not day.Juliet It is, it is! Hie hence, be

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