Claude Monet Water Lilies

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Claude Monet
Water Lily Pond

Stephanie Frystak
Minardi Art 131

Gallery Review The piece of artwork I chose was Claude Monet’s, Water Lilies. Claude Monet painted Water Lilies in 1906 using oil on canvas. The painting is currently on display in The Art Institute of Chicago. Theodore Roosevelt was the president during this year and was the first American to receive a noble peace prize in 1906. One big event that occurred in 1906 was the great San Francisco earthquake. Claude Monet painted a series of about 250 water lily oil paintings. These paintings were painted at Claude Monet’s flower garden in Giverny, France. The water lily pond was the main focus of Monet during the last 30 years of his life. Claude Monet was one of he first artists to begin the impressionist movement. Impressionist paintings usually focus on the effects of light on objects throughout different times of the day. Water Lilies is a painting that represents a pond with water lilies floating on top of the pond on a sunny day. The colors that Monet used were mostly cool colors. He used short soft flowing brush strokes in a curved and circular motion. The light is natural daylight. The painting has a visual softness to it when I look at the painting. Most of the shapes in the painting are circular. There are numerous water lilies in the picture and a few small flowers that are scattered out more towards that bottom of the painting. The elements of the painting work very well together. The way the lilies and flowers are spaced look natural and appealing. Yet, you still focus on the beautiful blue pond water in the center. The focal point is the pond water that has no lilies on it and then your eye flows with the water down to the right corner, up to the to right corner, around the top and back down to the bottom making a circle. The painting

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