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Impressionism painting and Claude Monet Impressionism is a movement that had a major impact in France during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There is no exact date for the beginning of this movement. Louis Leroy, an art critic, gave this period its name when he went to an independent exhibition and came across Claude Monet's Sunrise. He said it looked impressionistic, meaning not finished. Impressionists liked to be called Independents. During this time, being called an Impressionist was not a good thing. Impressionistic works were not accepted in the world of art at this time, and art critics were referring to these painters as being lazy. Most of the public did not support Impressionism. People wondered why the artists were not finishing their brush strokes and they did not like the colors being used. Among some of the Impressionist painters are Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir. Characteristics of this movement include noticeable brush strokes that are not blended together, applying the paint in a thick, impasto style, and mixing the colors right on the canvas. Impressionists were interested in painting the everyday world around them. They painted urban and country life. Painters of this period painted objects that were coming out of the Industrial Revolution. Some subjects of the time include railroad tracks and trains, the steam engine, power loom, and street lights. Claude Monet who is considered one of the greatest painters and presented a natural scene in which the recreational activities of human beings are among the major subjects was born November 14, 1840 in Paris. He spent his youth in Le Havre and experienced his first success as a caricaturist. He later began painting landscapes under the tutelage of his mentor Boudin. In 1859, he returned to Paris where he studied at the Atelier Suisse and met

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