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Claude Monet Claude Monet Identify the style/ movement Claude Monet was born on 14th November 1840 in Paris, France, and died in 1962. Claude Monet’s style was impressionism, which meant his art focused mostly on blush strokes and changing of light at different times of the day. “Impressionism” style of art came from Monet’s work and wad known as the leader of impressionism. Impressionist paintings look as if they’re sketchy to create a sense of liveliness in the drawing, and to make it realistic. Monet was a part of a group of other impressionist artist such as Pierre August Renoir, Frederick Bazille, Alfred Sisley, Eduard Manet, Camille Pissaro, and Edgar Degas, which Monet was a leader of. Audience reaction- In 1874 Monet made a new exhibit for the first time and displayed impressionist paintings, people thought “what is this impressionist painting”, and that quickly became the new word to describe a new style of painting. There were some people who criticized his drawings, some even disliked it. World events Monet was surrounded by people who painted things to make it stand out of the painting, but Monet thought these types of drawing were horrible. One of Monet’s greatest influences was boudin who taught him how to use oil paints and to work outside. When Monet’s wife, Claudine past away he was devastated and limited his drawing to nature. Monet would go out and paint in different times of the day, to show the different colours and directions in which the wind blowed. These paintings were known as “series painting”, which were very popular. After he married Camille in 1870, and they moved to London after the eruption of the Franco-Prussian War. There, Monet met Paul Durand-Ruel, who became his first

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