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Body Paragraphs Media changes every day by a variety of choices. It changes from the way it was years ago to the way it is today. First of all it has changed by the types of music, whether it is pop, country or even rap music. We have a whole new world of music. The styles have changed such as when my mom grew up it was more of the heavy metal and the beach music. Today the kids grow up to the likings of rap and more country music. My nana remember she use to dance to a lot of the county music even the old time square dancing music. She said that also a lot of the old country music was available back then. Sometimes the old time rock and roll and the old gospel music is the best to listen to. At least you can understand them. With the ever changing music styles even the artists have changed. From when my mom was growing up it was the group Bat out of Hell, and Lynard Skynard. It was also The Beach Boys and groups like Little Richie. Now days you hear artists such as Black eyed Peas, Britney Spears, and even some of these rap artists like Lil Wayne, and Machine Gun Kelly. Myself I love all kinds of music even with the styles changing you get to listen to a variety of artists. Music when my mom was growing up was records and 8 track tapes. Today we listen to music on CD’s and DVD’s. With having music on records you always had to worry about them getting broken or lost. 8 track tapes take up a lot more room then CD’s or DVD’s and they are harder to keep up with then CD’s or DVD’s. CD’s and DVD’s are a lot easier to use then records there are a lot more different ways you can play them, such as on a DVD player or even on your own computer. CD’s are easier to use they are more available. A lot of the companies out here have quit making anything except CD players and DVD players. So it is a lot harder to listen to records and 8 track tapes. Also

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