Classroom Reflection Essay

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For my classroom setup, I wanted to arrange the room so that it was a simple, inviting, and warm classroom. I did not want to have too many things going on that would end up over stimulating the children. I wanted simple and functional areas where the items for each area were easy to find and with the reach of the children so that they can have hand-on experiences within each center. I also allowed space on the walls and space above the lowered bookshelves so that I can place bulletin boards to place and display the children’s work. When you first enter the class room, you walk in to the Circle Area that has cubbies for the children along both walls. This is where the children can store their coats, sweaters, backpacks, and spare clothes. Each cubbie has the child’s photo and name on the outside and a small shelf where notes and papers are placed that are to be sent home. The Circle Area has a round carpet (though pictured as a square on the diagram) in the center of the area. The circle carpet is for when the class has “Circle Time.” This is where the children can come together in an open space and be active, social and interactive in their learning at the beginning of their day. Along side of the Circle Area is the Music and Movement Area. This area is specifically placed here because of the open space in the Circle Area. This allows the children to move and make friends as they learn. To the right of the classroom is the Kitchen Area. This is where the children will have lunch and snack. Also, any projects that contain food of some kind will be performed here. As you continue to walk into the classroom, down the center, you have the Library and Language Area to the right and the Block Area and Toys and Games Area on the left. In the Library and Language Area, there are books that are age appropriate and interactive. In the Block Area and Toys and Games Area,

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