Classroom Observtion Essay

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The observation took place in a 3rd grade classroom. The purpose of the observation was to assess the climate of the class. The teacher asked for input regarding the arrangement of seating, flow of the class, and her interaction with the students. It appeared that there was some difficulty with a particular group of students and their interaction with classmates and the teacher. The students were seated in desks that had been prearranged in groups of four. The desks in a group all faced each other and the students were encouraged to work together cooperatively with their group mates. Socialization amongst the students at times became very loud. When this occurred, the teacher would walk near the group and ask them to lower their voices. The teacher’s desk was located at the front of the room but she worked from a table located at the back. In order to see the teacher, the students had to turn in their seats as neither position offered a direct view of her (the teacher) in the classroom. Throughout the instructional period, the teacher called students back to the table to review a reading activity from the previous day. The activity the students were working on at the time of the observation was not a continuation of this activity. Additionally, at least two of the groups appeared to be engaged in conversation. The conversations were very animated and the students did not complete their assigned work. Requests by the teacher to get busy and finish their work were momentarily effective but short lived as they quickly began talking again. It appeared that the way in which the students’ desks were grouped and positioned along with the positioning of the teacher’s work station, contributed to a high level of social interaction and distraction from their assigned work. The two groups that had the most difficulty staying on task could also have included the

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