Classroom Observation Essay

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Classroom Observation For my observation I decided to go to Morganton Elementary School and observe Mrs. Mason’s first grade special needs class. Right off the bat I noticed that these children had a very different way of learning then what I am used to. Each of these children was at different stage of their development. Most of the children had a reading or writing disability. The children seemed to have a difficult time paying attention and sitting still but Mrs. Mason did a great job at controlling the chaos and did her best to hold the children’s attention. The children were often looking over at me and worrying about other things around them versus what they were supposed to be learning. All the children seemed to get along great and seemed like they were all friends. One of the little boys actually held a girls hand while they were sitting on the carpet for circle time. It was quite adorable. While walking to the bathroom for a potty break, I noticed that other children in the hall would say hi or wave to the children in the special needs class. Therefore, I believe that these children are socially accepted, at least from what I seen. In order to help these children gain acceptance with their peers, I would help them realize that they are really no different than all the other children. I would make sure that they know that they need to follow the rules the same way the other children do. I would let the children who do not have special needs know that they can be friends with everyone and that these children can play and have fun the same way they do. Mrs. Mason seemed to know all of the children very well and worked great with each of them individually based on their needs and disabilities. She was very patient with the children and seemed to care a lot about each child. Mrs. Mason stated that she monitors and records each child’s progress at the
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