Classroom Observation Essay

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The moment I walked into the classroom, the first thing I did was discuss with Mrs. Boyhan my evaluation form, my lesson plans, and I also asked her to sign some of my workbook sheets which needed to be signed. She told me I would not be able to do my lesson plans next week because the students would be taking yet another state exam. This was disappointing. While I had been speaking to Ms. Boyhan, the other teacher was teaching how to write a document based question (DBQ) essay. She explained what the rules were. Rule number one was to read the task and historical background and ask yourself what this ask tell you to do. Rule number two was to analyze each document and underline dates places and titles. Number three was to answer the short answer questions and ask yourself where do they fit into the essay. Number four was to restate the historical background. Number five was to choose the document you will use in your essay and number six was to write your essay. I thought that these were very good rules for the students to follow and will be very helpful when they take the state test. The next lesson was the social studies lesson. Mrs. Boyhan told the students to take out their Buckle Down Social Studies books. They had to do thirty five questions for homework and Mrs. Boyhan went over each question slowly. She went around the classroom and each of the students answered a question. If the student did not do the homework she got very upset and embarrassed one of the girls saying that she would receive yet another incomplete. The girl looked like she was going to cry. If the student got the question wrong she would explain why it was wrong and tell them which one would be the correct choice. When one of the boys yawned she got very mad and said “if you yawn one more time! You don’t even know what tired is! Your report cards are disgusting, sit up and stop

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