Classroom Management Procedures Essay

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Running head: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES Reaction Paper: Classroom Management Procedures Group C Reaction Paper Group C’s discussion centered on the classroom management strategies presented in section two of the text. Group C spoke about effective classroom management strategies and how these could best be applied in the group member’s future classrooms and present lives. Group C believes that the most effective strategies discussed in the section involved consistency, student input with regard to rules and consequences, and a very overt, straightforward approach to classroom expectations. The group discussed the difference in applying these strategies to older as opposed to younger children. The group’s consensus was that providing for plenty of student input with regard to what the classroom rules and consequences increases the level by which the students “buy in” to the culture of the classroom and teaches self -monitoring skills. Student input also carries over as a best practice for curricular material as well. Ask what students know and what they expect to find out. The answers will be a surprise every time. The practice of having all classroom policies be straightforward and explicitly stated is especially important for the younger grades when students’ self monitoring skills aren’t as sharp and a consistent environment is the most important. Students also learn more when learning objectives and the relationship between what they are learning and the world they live in are explained. The level of positivity with which the teacher assesses and deals with classroom problems and infractions against the rules were also discussed. It was believed, teachers who dealt with problems in a negative manner tended to bring more problems into the mix. Negative teachers are more likely to have a classroom of angry, embarrassed

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