Classroom Management Plan

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Abstract My theory for a classroom management plan is to have positive reinforcements, and a safe and enjoyable classroom by following Canters’ Management plan, Character Counts with the six pillars of character, and some things from Barbara Coloroso, and William Glasser. Expectations from Character Counts Program and Ron Clark’s “Essential 55” will be used and are as follows, to be worthy for others, believe in your self, have respect and good manners, be fair to ones self and to others, respect others who enter our classroom, and be responsible and be a good citizen. I plan to implement this by using positive reinforcement by giving students five opportunities to correct the misbehavior. When good behavior is presented from the student there are rewards. By using Character Counts Program, Canter’s Management plan and advice from Barbara Coloroso and William Glasser my hope is to limit my discipline. I believe the consequences are fair and the rewards will make my students strive to do their best. When I have my own elementary or middle school classroom I will choose the expectations for my students and for myself as well. I believe that there is a huge need to have a management plan in place on the very first day of school and this is why I will make this decision. When Lee and Marelene Canter stated, “Assertive teachers clearly, confidently and consistently model and express class expectations” (Charles, Pg. 40). I agree with this and most of Canters’ Management plan, it is a great system. I also agree and like the subject “Character Counts” there is a great webpage to go along with this. I will use Canters’ management plan along with some things from Barbara Coloroso, and William Glasser. I know that I will care about each student who enters through my classroom door, I do understand that some students will be more difficult then others and

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