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Children need the opportunity to learn how to assume responsibility for their own behavior. It is my job as a pre-school teacher to guide a child learn why a behavior is not appropriate, and to help them change the behavior by giving them a consequence for the misbehavior. I try to keep my consequences natural and logical. Working with three and four year olds, I strive to make the students accountable, without branding or labeling. In the following descriptions of misbehavior I chose the most logical or natural consequences for the child's behavior. •Was not able to stay in his seat. If I have a child who is not able to stay in their seat, I would first look to see the placement of their seat, is it near a window, door or other distractible area in the room? Is it at the same time of day that the child is up? It is not natural for children to sit for hours on end, so I would look to my scheduling of active vs. sedentary activities. After I've determined that the cause is not from placement or scheduling, I would have a private conversation with the child and brainstorm the reason that the child is not in the seat. I think that I would ask if he or she would rather have the opportunity to stand, providing that work is still being completed and other children were not distracted by the child. In choosing my battles, this one is not near the top of my list. In my classroom, children can sit on the floor, lay on the floor, sit in a chair at a desk, stand at a desk or lean against a wall. Whatever helps someone be productive is fine by me. The consequence is that they would know their own bodies well enough to know when they need to stand or move about, and still stay productive. •Did not come in from recess. A child who did not come in from recess in the preschool setting simply tells me that they don't get an opportunity to be outdoors often, or that

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