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Curriculum Compare and Contrast classroom management I believe it is important to establish the rules in a class at the beginning of the school year. Having the students create the rules together will help give them ownership and reliability. Although I value my students’ opinion I do feel that there are rules that must be followed even if they do not come up with them themselves. Therefore, I will add to the list of rules ones I think are critical to establish a positive classroom environment. Once the rules and consequences have been explained the parents sign the rule list. I never want the parent to wonder about my rules so I just keep them informed. Having both the parents sign the paper will give me documentation if problems arise later in the school year. I will hang up the signed discipline papers next to my rules. If there is any question about the rules or consequences throughout the year I can refer back to the signed document. I myself don’t understand how teachers go into the classroom and don’t have a plan set. If the teacher does not have a plan and the kids will think he or she is not prepared they will do the same thing. They will leave homework, books, pencils, and other material’s needed for their day at school. Also if the parent thinks you don’t have classroom management if an issue comes up the parent will say that the teacher can’t even control the class, and that’s not a good look for educators. Classroom management helps with develop caring, supportive relationships with and among students, organize and implement instruction in ways that optimize students’ access to learning. Use group management methods that encourage student engagement with academic tasks. Promote the development of student social skills and self-regulation. Always use appropriate interventions to assist students who have behavior problems. One way that

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