Classroom Education over Online Education

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Students are provided with opportunities to access education in numerous ways. The two most popular ways in which education can be attained is through a traditional manner known as classroom education and a network-based manner known as online education. Between the two types of educations, there always remain debates about whether or not online education is as good as classroom education. Although online education and classroom education are both followed through similar standard, classroom education is more ideal in terms of a “better” education than online education. Critics who support online education over classroom education often believe that both types of education provide students with an equivalent level of education, and therefore, should give students equal recognition. In “Online Education Rivals Chalk and Talk Variety,” Sandra C. Ceraulo claimed that, “I am impressed by the fact that my online students become as skilled as their peers in the traditional classroom” (Ceraulo 175). Ceraulo expresses that online courses give students just as good an education as traditional courses because students are able to master the material just as well, without having to physically attend class. On the other hand, critics who support classroom education over online education often believe that classroom education is more rigorous in education. In “Calling a University Virtual Creates an Actual Oxymoron,” Marilyn Kassar argued that “A university education involves, among all other things, debate, discussion, and an exchange of ideas among classmates and professors, both inside and outside the classroom” (Karras 180). Karras points out the fact that students who attend class traditionally are more involved with the course, where as online educators are not. Involvement in class debates, discussion, and exchange of ideas among classmates and professors causes students
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