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Classroom management Reflection Paper In the future when I get my degree in Teaching Diploma at LIU, I will become a teacher in my own classroom. Honestly, I came into this course with a relatively less degree of understanding and knowledge than my classmates may have had because I don’t have any previous experience in this field. Walking into a new school that contains many new faces, not only students, but also staff is a scary thing for me. As a teacher I want to make a good impression on all these new faces. This means that I have to show the students and staff that I know what I am doing; I know how to manage my classroom. During this course, I have learned so much from the interactions, readings, presentations and subjects presented in this course. Discipline in classrooms is important for both students and teachers. Inappropriate behavior can be placed into two categories. The first category includes behavior that disrupts learning and the second category includes behaviors that cause disruptions during the lessons. Both categories cause problems for the teacher and the students, but by classifying them it may help the teacher find out the reason for the student acting the way they are. Developing a discipline program within a classroom has proven to help maintain a positive learning environment. When coming up with a discipline program it is best to include the following three components: reduce the possibility that inappropriate behavior will occur, reinforce appropriate behavior when it occurs, and punish inappropriate behavior to minimize recurrence. I have also learned from several of the articles that classroom rules, classroom routines, good seating arrangements, and carefully planned lessons help to minimize the time for poor behavior. According to some research, it has shown us that teachers' actions in the classrooms have twice the impact

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