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My Early Childhood Classroom Early childhood education is the backbone to a solid start in every child’s lifelong educational journey. Careful planning and construction is vital when planning a facility for young children to learn in. Wall colors, furniture, safety and zoning regulations and curriculum in each classroom must be considered. Constructing a preschool classroom can be tedious and strenuous but the classroom is essential to a student’s learning. One of the first things to consider is the various building and zoning regulations in your new property. Safety is a major concern for both your staff and students. We must always consider hazards in and around the grounds of the property. Next we must consider that this is a child facility and furnish it according to their ever-changing needs inside and out. Last we must also think about our children with disabilities and plan the location of doorways, driveways and parking with their safety and comfort in mind. My classroom will be used for 4 year olds about to start kindergarten. These students will need plenty of developmentally appropriate toys, games, and centers in order to get these children ready for school. This classroom is approximately 30x30ft with 8 four year old students. The walls will be decorated with different colors according to different learning stations and mirrors to make the room seem a bit larger. When you first walk into my classroom there will be hooks for students to hang jackets and bags with personal belongings. Very near the hooks will be a counter top; (with functional storage space for cleaning supplies, hand soap, and Kleenex) on the countertop will be children’s sign in and out area where parents and families members can drop off and pick up their young ones. Just past the counter top is a large rug and many large pillows sitting next to a book shelf with many books

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