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My support role within the classroom for the students was quite simple but, I feel, had a big impact on the students. I was there when help was needed with both questions as well as procedures. Students felt more comfortable coming to me with questions first since I wasn't their teacher. Even if I was unable to establish a good answer for them I was able to give them slightly more knowledge on their question before they were going to talk to Mr. Eberle. Many days while being at my placement I was able to interact with the students in the class through helping answer questions on what they were working on. At the beginning of the semester something I wrote in a daily journal was, “Throughout the lab many students asked me questions about what they didn't understand as well as reassurance when they didn't know if they were doing something right.” At that time I would let the students come to me with questions and respond appropriately. However, as time went on and I started to get more comfortable with my placement I was able to feel comfortable with asking questions about the task ensuring students understood what they were working on. Within my placement I felt my use of effective communication was one of my strong points within the environment. As time went on I became a lot more comfortable working with the students. I also gained a routine during lessons that really helped me gain a stronger understanding of the content of the class. This benefited me by allowing me to then give a stronger explanation in which helped the students gain a better understanding of what they are working on. I tried to use FELOR most of the time when working with the students to help them feel more comfortable talking to me. There were multiple questions that were slightly funny or the answers tended to be common sense but I ensured I showed interest in what the questions were,

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