Classifying Tango and Wobble Essay

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Classifying Tango and Wobble Lisa Moss, who is Lisa Moss? I don’t know, and I am going to guess she is not that popular, but that is not the main focus of this essay. This essay is about her poem “ Nomenclature Dance and stumble” at first this poem seems so twisted and confusing, at first look it seems she just compiled a few complicated dictionary words and mixed them in with verbs and adjectives. Her first sentence seems quite sad and angry. She gives you this image of something being eaten and re-eaten quite a while as if chewing but with swallowing included. Yes, it sounds gross; especially because she uses the word “regurgitate” that word alone can make someone get goose bumps because it engulfs in itself a pungent characteristic. Don’t think she is referring to bringing chewed food back up to the mouth. She is explaining in a whole sentence how everything she hears from someone sounds used up and repetitive, as if he or she were using the same excuse over and over again. Her poem keeps going with a tone of anguish feelings, as if she’s trying to forget something or put something away because it brings her bad memories. She refers to these memories as “lines drawn with a bent stick” the lines represent the lies or actions that hurt her, hence the “bent stick” because they weren’t honest confessions or benevolent actions. They were crooked or bent. She explains she is trying to forget all the wrongful actions by saying “lines so thin that passing feet obliterate one end as the other is drawn” this simile gives a more cheerful insight on what she is trying to do, by saying the lines (lies) have a weak foundation that they can easily be erased ( forgotten). “to quell and staunch that indecisive voice…..with countless disguised surrenders of the will” these phrase depicts that she has tried and failed to forget what haunts her by explaining that her will

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