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Nowadays, facebook is a social networking service for everybody, specially for the young. Launched in February 2004, facebook has over one billion active users today and more than half of whom use facebook on mobile. Each of users falls into one of three categories which depend on their purpose, they are communication, entertainment and bussiness. The first type of facebook users is for communication. They just use this network to keep in touch with their friends, relatives and aqquaintances. Checking status, images and locations of their facebook’s friends are the ways they spend time for facebook. Because it is a social network, people can easily use it to share their emotions and thoughts about some particular or all events of their dailylife. Then they wait for their friends’s participate to comment and reply. It is such a funny and comfortable way to discuss and solve the difficult and sensitive problems. Sometimes, facebook users could give best and unique ideas. The users could also use facebook chat tool to connect with their friends, they even could make a video call on facebook too. Entertainment is also an amazing purpose beside communication. The users like some humourous pages or take part in some funny groups. With too many status and images which is continously updated every hours, they could make the users relax and take the life easier. Another good ways for the users to unwind is sharing music or video with their friends. They could discuss or argue about the singers, the lyrics, the melody, the feeling,…All of this will make their conservation more excited . Facebook is also a place for famous characters to PR for themselves and contact with their fans. The fans easily get information about their idols. For example, where they are going, what are they doing, their new pictures, or even their new performances. Distinct from communication and

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