Classifications of Chemical Reactions

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Community College______ Fundamentals of Chemistry I Experiment # 3 Classifications of Chemical Reactions Instructor: Date Name: Name of Partner: Objectives: 1. Experience five of the common types of chemical reactions 2. Balance Chemical Equations. 3. Observe some chemical properties of hydrogen and oxygen. 4. Be introduced to concepts of stoichiometry. Materials Used: * 15 Test Tubes * 1Erlenmeyer Flask * 1 50mL Graduated Cylinder * 1 250mL Beaker * Heater * Stirring Rod * Chemicals Used- * CaCl2 * Na3Po4 * H2o * CuSo4 * HCl * Zinc Ribbon * Na2CO3 * Hydrogen Peroxide * Saturated calcium acetate solution * Ethanol * Nh4Cl * Sr(OH)2*8H2O * H2SO4 * NaOH * ZnSO4 Procedure 1. In a test tube, 2mL (1/2 inch) of 0.1 M calcium chloride [CaCl2] was mixed with 2 mL of 0.1 M sodium phosphate [Na3PO4]. 2. A few drops of water were added to a test tube containing ¼ inch of anhydrous copper sulfate [CuSO4]. 3. A test tube containing 0.5g Cu (OH) 2 was heated using a burner. 4. A 1 cm2 piece of zinc ribbon was added to a test tube containing 3 mL of 6M HCl. A lighted splint was inserted into the mouth of the test tube due to gas evolution. 5. 2mL of 3M HCL was mixed with 2mL of 1 M Na2CO3 6. 0.1 g of the catalyst MnO2 was added to a test tube containing 3mL of 3% H2O2. 7. 2 mL of a saturated calcium acetate solution was added to an evaporating dish. 15 mL of ethanol was added to the dish and swirled. The dish was ignited. 8. 3g of NH4Cl and 7g of Sr (OH) 2 * 8H2O were added to a 125 Erlenmeyer flask and swirled vigorously for 5 minutes. 9. 2ml of 3 M H2SO4 was mixed with 3 M NaOH. 10. 2mL of 0.1 M CaCl2 was mixed with 2mL of 0.1 M Na2CO3. 11. A 1 cm2 piece of zinc ribbon was added to a test tube containing 3 mL

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