Classification Of Addictions Essay

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Laura L Brisco Addictions Addiction is a compulsive need. What starts as a pleasurable experience turns into an uncontrollable destructive craving. There are several types of addiction including shopping, internet, and substance. Addictions can and most of the time leads the individual to steal from family and friends. These individuals do whatever is in the power to get a hold of their preferred addiction. They are capable of hurting those who love them and the ones they love. The first type of addiction is shopping it is perhaps the most socially acceptable of addictions. We are encouraged by society to spend as a way of boosting the economy. Almost everyone shops to some degree; the theory is that only about 6% of the population has a shopping addiction. As with all addictions, shopping becomes the person’s main way of coping with stress, to the point where they continue to shop excessively even when it is clearly having a damaging effect on their relationships, yet the shopping addict feels unable to stop or even control their spending. The second type of addiction is the internet. Since its initial arrival in the average household, the internet has become a very widely exercised source of information and communication. At any given moment, there is an endless amount of information streaming through the internet accessible computers. The chance to interact with other people is another tempting feature of the internet. Unfortunately with the new service, also come the possibility of abuse and addiction. People who are addicted to the internet feel a need to be online, will experience withdrawal when offline for a significant amount of time, and will develop a tolerance needing greater periods to feel satisfied. Although most internet addicts will spend an Laura L. Brisco excessive amount of time online, the quantity of time spent on the internet

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