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It’s recess time on the sixth grade playground. Armed with basket balls, jump ropes and other outdoor activities most kids are enjoying their break from class time. But no matter what school you are at, there are kids who can always be classified by three different actions: the observer, the victim, and the bully. The observer is a student who knows that bullying is occurring to someone they know, but they do nothing to stop it. Most of the time observers main reason for not making an effort to stop a bully or help a victim is because they don’t want to become involved. Observers can be just as scared and the victim of a bully. Many kids who observe bullying are too scared to tell. But other times kids who are observing bullying and are not scared can be just as at wrong as a bully. More and more school are teaching kids to come forward and trust in an adult to report bullying to. Students who simply do not care if someone is getting bullied may be just as much of a problem as a bully. Even though the observer is technically not harming the victim, the victim is affected greatly by the observer’s lack of action. The victim is the person who violence is inflicted on. Whether the violence inflicted is mental, physical or psychological,there is always a negative effect on the victim.(Papis.) The victim is usually a child with low self esteem, who may look or function differently than the common child or who is physically weaker than the bully. The most common action of a victim is not reporting their bully. Thoughts of fear or further bullying usually persuade victims to not tell on their bully. Victims are already being targeted for something so being a “tattle-teller” may further their victimization. There is a study that shows the younger children are, the higher their victim rate is.(Center for Disease and Control Prevention.) Middle school students are usually

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