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Caitlyn Eppes Professor Stephen Mendonca English 1301 5 September 2012 Classification Essay Graduating high school makes you ponder about countless different subjects. One in particular being very crucial, and that is college. Where you want to go, what you want to study, and more importantly, the types of educators that will be the key to your success. Recapping high school I categorized the types of teachers into three main groups. The first type of teacher is what I call the “Positive Pearl”. This teacher is classified as a highly positive teacher. They are not only interested in the subject they are teaching but they are also very intrigued with the students they are educating. One way to determine if you have a Positive Pearl teacher is if the first thing they do is accumulate as much knowledge as possible about their students. It is always an abundant relief when you discover they cherish you enough to listen and soak up the information you tell them. It automatically makes you feel more comfortable around the teacher, which in return assists you in giving your honest opinion about different subjects without feeling incompetent about your answers. A Positive Pearl also expresses interest out of class as well. He or she will make themselves available at almost all times during the day and encourages students to come see them if they need help. Unfortunately, teachers like this don’t arise very often and are relatively small in number. The next type of teacher is the one every student dreads to encounter. This is what many others and I call the “Negative Nancy”. Not only do they completely disregard you as a person, but also they typically neglect to even learn your name. Negative teachers do their job to the bare minimum. This usually includes a lecture via power point with notes to go along, followed by a daily work sheet and

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