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To classify something is to label or group an object into a more detailed grouping. There are many times of classification like blood for example there is blood type-o, blood type-A, and type B. As seen the subject is blood but breaking it down in to classes helps and explains things much quicker when you can narrow down what is trying to be explained. Now that the concept of classification is grasped I will begin by explaining the classification’s of religions. The most common of religion world wide is Christianity. Through out the world people see only one man as the leader and that man is called god to those. The Christians believe god is the made who created all of life, the savior of the people from evil and sin. The Followers of this religion believe in heaven and a hell. All the information of the Christians revolves around god, good, evil, and the decision you make in life ultimately decide were you will go, heaven or hell. Then the people who believe in happiness is key to life, to live life with enlightenment. These people are Buddhist, Buddhist are very peace people who believe that everything in this world has a soul or a sprit if you will. Because everything has a soul the believe it has its own life to live and once the life mission is complete there soul would resurrect in a new body that is pure. So interims they believe that after death the soul will reincarnation it’s self in a pure life form and continue living life threw that body. Then one of the most controversial beliefs is about aliens. Are they real? Where did they come from? Who brought us here? Why are we here? These are some of the most common questions people ask them selves. There’s no real answer but signs show that something or somebody is out there. People don’t want to give this thought a chance due to there original belief that it’s a load of hogwash. Is there anyone who can

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