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Learning Outcomes for the Classification Paper/Topic Outline Module In the Classification Module, you will learn the following: * To select a group of people or objects and divide them according to a basis of division; * To understand a common basis (or bases) of division; * To label and define the subgroups; * To develop a classification essay in which you incorporate narrative/descriptive skills and illustrative skills; and * To write a formal topic outline for a grade Classification essay In order to understand the classification essay and its development, please read carefully the classification chapter in Patterns. To help clarify the importance of choosing a group and classifying this group with a clear basis or bases of division, I offer this very simple example. Let's say I have many rocks in my back yard. I could classify the group, rocks in my back yard, according to size and weight. I could call these groups the large, medium, and small groups. In each paragraph of the body, I would include a topic sentence that labels the group discussed in the paragraph. Then, the next sentence will define that group (big and heavy). Finally, I would provide specific examples of those particular rocks, such as the big rock against the back fence where my son sits to bird watch. Now, I expect you will find a much more interesting topic for this essay, and I suggest you take a look at the suggested writing topics in your text. Also, develop a formal outline following the principals of the formal outline to be found in Topic and Sentence Outlining. Take a look at this lecture on outlines for clarification.The outline for this paper should be a topic outline, much like the example below. Note: an outline is a topic outline when each major heading and each subheading are of a parallel grammatical form. You may, for example, use a

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