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‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’, that is all ye know on earth, all ye need to know, by John Keats. Mr Hamer and fellow classmates, today I’ll be comparing the similarities theme of Beauty through a classical poem and a modern song and how it relates to human condition throughout the years. The classic poem that I have chosen is ‘A thing of beauty’ by John Keats, and my modern song is what a wonderful world sung by Louis Armstrong. (CLICK) John Keats was undoubtedly an extremely gifted and a well-loved poet. In such a short space of time he was able to leave a poetic legacy which has touched the hearts and minds of millions. He possessed an unwavering desire to write poetry which considered changing his working class status which was something he thought was impossible in the 19th century. He would overcome barriers; however he succeeded to make a name for himself due to the sheer imaginative beauty of his rose. “A thing of Beauty” written by John Keats is about the beauty of life. (CLICK) The poem was written in 1818 which was the Romantic Era, but published in 1878. At the time of the romantic era the American civil war, and the French revolution was happening. The era in which he was writing was characterised by expressive language, and that was a major part of the Romantic Period. As Keats was an ardent fan of nature this poem which refers to the power of nature, John urges mankind to realise these powers and make his life enjoyable and worth living. He tells as how a thing of beauty can provide us with joy even after one dies, the thing of beauty will continue to exist and will give joy to people of the next generation. (CLICK) “A thing of Beauty” is the first stanza of John’s poem Endymion which is written in rhyming couplets. (CLICK) In lines one to five a thing of beauty is source of constant joy, its beauty goes on increasing and it will never fade or

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