Classical Perspective Essay

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The classical perspective of management was first implemented in the late 1800s as a way to overcome the problems posed by the factory systems that had recently been implemented. These problems were organising chains of command, instructing employees what to do, as many of them did not speak English and also organising the workload to cope with increased workload. It is split into three different sections, Scientific Management, bureaucratic organizations and administrative principles. Scientific management is the most effective in terms of productivity. The idea was first introduced by Frederick Winslow Taylor; Taylor worked on the principle of following set procedure increased productivity. This technique was effective in producing results; this was combined with incentives for reaching the targets set, this also increased productivity to the desired level. The principle of rewarding employees with bonuses is a practise still used to this day, although within the modern workplace the rewards are mainly used within sales positions to encourage increased sales. The idea of having one set way to work efficiently is one that is also still used in today's workplace. However the main drawback of this method is that because it focuses solely on one set way to work efficiently it does not take into account the fact that the people who are carrying out the work are all different. Their individual needs and wants are not taken into account and this can cause anger and unrest among employees. A situation in which the scientific management theory was applied was in the assembly line for the Ford Magneto in 1913. According to Management by Daft, R.L, Henry Ford replaced workers with machines for heavy lifting and moving, therefore increasing productivity. Also the cars were moved along from one employee to the next, this cut production time by half. The same principle was
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