Classical Liberalism

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One may ask what John Locke, Adam Smith, and Thomas Jefferson have in common. Through lecture one, and lecture two, I have come to the conclusion that they are all similar in one particular way. Each one of these men are Classical Liberals that helped shape, and structure The United States. It’s not so simple defining Classical liberalism in one sentence, although John Locke does quite a good job “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of property.” (This was later changed to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.) A true Classical liberal believes in this, as well as: limited government under the rule of law, and economic freedom. Classical liberalism became a dominant ideology in the early eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Along with Classical…show more content…
Article VI refutes this ideology. Article VI states that the only people that are allowed to make treaties or exchange foreign policy is the US; a individual state cannot do so. This refutes the Classical Liberal ideology because this makes government bigger. They also believe the purpose of government is to protect a humans life, a humans liberty, and ownership of land and business- anything more, is unnecessary. Article VII states that certain individuals get certain power- to a Classical Liberal power (in theory) should be distributed and shared; a higher power leads to different classes (like the bourgeois) or to more government, this is not a Classical Liberal ideology. Lastly Article VIII benefits the people but it is meant for the “common good”- not the individual. A Classical Liberal believes it should be all about the individual and that is how we achieve true economic prosperity for all. Classical Liberalism is not an outdated ideology in fact it is still used today. For instance: a Liberal (or Democrat) still believes in small government as well as thinking about the individual and constantly striving to make things better. So think- do you agree with Locke; and believe human is naturally good? That human can handle themselves and create civilization peacefully and thrive to its full potential? Or do you side with
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