Classical Conditioning Essay

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An Assignment of Learning Learning The concept of learning refers to the acquisition of knowledge. This process is including verbal knowledge, habits, skills, and behaviors located outside our conscious awareness. Learning represents a permanent change in a behavior that takes place as a result of experience. The process of learning refers to the original acquisition of knowledge, together with its extinction and retention over time, and with the acquisition of new responses. The learning process is interconnected with motivation, perception, personality, social components, cultural factors, information processing, and decision making activity. Learning involves changes in the behaviors, or in the behaviors that might be performed, excluding those changes that are not due to experience (ex: maturation). “Learning is an active process of gaining information, understanding, or capabilities (Edmondson, 2002; Garvin, 2000; Senge, 1990).” The learning process takes place at various levels of awareness and consciousness, but its detection requires objective and quantifiable evidences. The learning occurs inside the brain, in the nervous system, and it is based on neuronal mechanisms. It is applicable to the behaviors of humans and animals, and represents a manifestation of internal and external response of the organisms involved. Learning is interconnected with the academic and educational activity, and represents a source of practical application. The human central nervous system has the capacity to learn and to memorize behaviors in the prenatal period and in the very early development period of the child. The prenatal learning has been described “in terms of habituation, conditioning, and imprinting sequences (Querleu, 1981, Van de Carr, 1988, Logan, 1991).” Learning is essential for performance and for the achievement of goals. There are several

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